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The company says it has suspended Florida pastor Terry Jones while it investigates.

#DeleteUber started trending on Twitter after the company continued picking up rides at JFK while cabbies struck in protest of the ban.

Transit wonks and officials in and outside D.C., say the new dataset falls short of a commitment to transparency.

The city wants rider dropoff data so it can measure how many hours drivers work; Uber is worried about data breaches.

Researchers created an algorithm showing that 3,000 four-person cars could serve 98 percent of the city's taxi demand.

We've all heard the horror stories.

A company spokeswoman said the driver's behavior did not appear to be malicious, but he could be permanently deactivated if an investigation proves otherwise.

Drivers will join airport, fast food, childcare and part-time workers in a national demonstration for better pay and workplace protections.

Uber is threatening to pull out of Maryland if a law goes into effect next month mandating the service require fingerprint background checks its drivers, and it joined rival Lyft in a hearing Thursday requesting a waiver on the requirement. In testimony before the Maryland Public Service Commission, the companies were expected to argue that the fingerprint-based checks […]

The company will also provide free transportation for families of wounded soldiers on Veterans Day.

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