The 49ers quarterback spoke to reporters for over 18 minutes on Sunday and elaborated on his political stance.

Athlete was pronounced dead at Calais.

Harry Fujiwara was 82.


NFL stops NBC from trying to put Mike Tirico on ‘Thursday Night’ games

What you see on Sunday is what you'll get on Thursday: Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.

Usain Bolt turns 30, really cuts loose at massive party

Everybody gets together and feels all right.

For a brief moment, Al Roker was the hero America needed in the Ryan Lochte mess

And what a glorious moment it was.

Whatever is going on inside his leg is surreal.

On this topic, no one seems to be neutral.

Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett says his QB will be wearing a back brace.

No one much likes preseason, but abolishing it is another matter entirely.

The Vols will wear helmets with a "P."

Kids learn the hard way that winning doesn't come easy.

Broncos Coach PJ Fleck suspended Ron George and Bryson White upon hearing the news.

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