The coach described as “silly” recent reports that the Spurs' injured star is unhappy with the organization.

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The Tennessee native's surprise advance to the quarterfinals drew scrutiny for his support of Trump-style conservatism on Twitter.

The Cavaliers star joined an exclusive club — as he had pointed out in a social media post hours before his moment actually arrived in a game against the Spurs.

The Super Bowl has “never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement,” the league said, but the veterans group decried what it saw as “corporate censorship."

Credit kinesiology tape at least partly for the New England Patriots' return to the Super Bowl.

Bryant's Oscar nomination for 'Dear Basketball' raises uncomfortable reminders about his sexual assault case.

He still seems reluctant, perhaps because of all the Super Bowls.

German pro surfer Sebastian Steudtner said the waves at Nazare made for 'a day to remember.'

After leg pain forces his early exit in Melbourne, tennis legend says something must be done 'about what's going on.'

A gamer's years-long effort to win the Hearthstone World Championship for his country won the respect of his president.

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