The veteran forward was compelled to explain why he left a lopsided loss before halftime and then missed practice the next day, while “everyone on the team was called out at some point” during the meeting.

The Philadelphia native was taking on all comers in the wake of his squad's triumph in the NFC championship game.

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The Tennessee native's surprise advance to the Australian Open quarterfinals drew scrutiny for his support of Trump-style conservatism on Twitter.

"I am possibly the last child he will ever assault,” Emma Ann Miller said Monday.

The former Minnesota offensive coordinator had done enough good work during the regular season to have been named assistant coach of the year by the Pro Football Writers of America.

Let us explain how Hearthstone became a competitive eSport meriting the attention of Taiwan's leader.

The Twin Cities already had a scarcity of hotel rooms. Then the NFL took a ton of them.

The chairman, vice chairman and treasurer resign, with over 140 women alleging abuse by the organization's longtime physician.

Twenty-six years later, she's back — with her 18-year-old son.

The Patriots' biggest fan conveniently forgot the tight end's suspension for — wait for it — a cheap shot.

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