If his football comeback doesn't pan out, Manziel could be POTUS's social media director.

The 25-year-old man expressed regret and entered a not-guilty plea to three charges.

He'll have plenty of chances to perform before NFL scouts.


Steve Kerr trolls Sean Spicer with ‘alternative facts’ quip about NBA career

The Warriors coach enjoys some topical humor after a noteworthy introduction by the Orlando Magic.

Despite ‘alternative facts,’ Mark Cuban is committed to wait-and-see approach with Trump

The Dallas Mavericks owner and reality TV star, who campaigned for Hillary Clinton and loudly spoke out against Trump, is now reserving judgment of the new president.

Country star Luke Bryan tapped to sing national anthem at Super Bowl LI

The country music star will get the chance to follow Lady Gaga's stirring version from last year.

The party was only beginning when he danced up a storm after the NFC championship game.

The Falcons' offensive coordinator appears to be the front-runner for the 49ers' job, but first there's this little thing called the Super Bowl.

The Patriots quarterback says of his presidential pal: “If you know someone it doesn’t mean you agree with everything they say or they do.”

Two of football's worst teams laid the groundwork for the NFL's biggest game.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell once again found reason to attend a high-profile game held at a site other than New England's Gillette Stadium.

Rising star's death is the latest in a disturbing string of talented, young Latino ballplayers who have died in accidents involving motorized vehicles.

The burly Patriots back punctuated an impressive scoring sequence by paying homage to the Cavaliers star's signature celebration.

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