NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy told USA Today that the league is still actively reviewing the matter.

"His first words were, 'Mom ... please stay calm. Don't panic. I don't want you to call the school because it's already been handled,' " Stacey Payton told the Associated Press.

Unnamed female claims Bela and Marta Karolyi turned blind eye to assault by team doctor and conducted emotional and physical abuse of their own.


Steve Bartman probably isn’t going to throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field

His spokesman says the likelihood is between 'slim, none and no chance.'

Scott Hamilton on diagnosis of third brain tumor: ‘Whatever’s next is next’

The Olympic figure skating champion has not yet decided what course of treatment he will pursue for benign growth.

Tom Brady isn’t about to let the NFL off the hook for its Josh Brown problem

The guy who was suspended four games for Deflategate isn't rushing to help Roger Goodell.

You wouldn't like them when they're angry.

The NFL's MVP learns the hard way that concussions are “a real issue."

Three athletes from Kazakhstan and one from Belarus lost their medals on Thursday.

Just give little Ceron Pugh III all the treats now, turn off the lights and pretend you're not home.

It was a struggle, but we found five.

Joe Dirt. Harry Potter. Zombies. Baby Colin Kaepernick. Halloween just might save 2016.

The Thunder star didn't react, though, because he got fined $25,000 the last time he did.

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