A Comedy Central roast is next for the two of them.

Roberto Aguayo is struggling to live up to his reputation.

Will the former champ fight before 2016 is over?


NFL stops NBC from trying to put Mike Tirico on ‘Thursday Night’ games

What you see on Sunday is what you'll get on Thursday: Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.

Usain Bolt turns 30, really cuts loose at massive party

Everybody gets together and feels all right.

For a brief moment, Al Roker was the hero America needed in the Ryan Lochte mess

And what a glorious moment it was.

The Rockets' star and his team at Adidas might want to consider rethinking their plans for his first signature shoe.

The coach made it clear that, it that happened, it wouldn't be Anthony's fault, saying the forward has "always made his team better."

Meanwhile, the Vikings are way up and the Chargers way down, according to a new report on the on the secondary-ticket market.

Oregon's Joel Jensen seems like a great coach — and an even greater dad.

Deciding punishment without charges or victims' statements is still tricky.

It could be a matter of deciding which governing body will actually do the punishing.

Deliberately weird soccer hair has been a tradition since the 1990s, says one former player.

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