The 37-year-old UFC bantamweight is credited with bringing greater interest to the lower MMA weight classes.

He reportedly tore his ACL against the Ravens.

The domestic violence survivor had ripped Giants owner John Mara for his handling of the Josh Brown issue.


Michigan wins, but Ruth’s Chris Steak House loses

This is very bad news for America's cattle.

As NFL viewership slumps, TV networks pay a price in ad giveaways

The billion-dollar question: Is this an aberration or the start of a serious decline?

SEC commissioner says LSU-Florida game ‘needs to be played’

The game has been indefinitely postponed because of Hurricane Matthew, leading to finger-pointing by both sides.

One of them is closer to his return than the other.

His spokesman says the likelihood is between 'slim, none and no chance.'

The Olympic figure skating champion has not yet decided what course of treatment he will pursue for benign growth.

Scary situation for Kristen Ledlow, host of “NBA Inside Stuff."

The guy who was suspended four games for Deflategate isn't rushing to help Roger Goodell.

It pays to know how to juggle, kids.

Once the epicenter of sadness, the city's baseball and basketball arenas will be hosting monumental events.

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