So just how does the president stack up to the likes of Alex Ovechkin (6-3, 235), Mike Trout (6-2, 235) and Tim Tebow (6-3, 245)?

Maroney may be subject to a $100,000 penalty for violating a nondisclosure agreement she signed with USA Gymnastics after years of abuse by the disgraced former doctor, who sentencing hearing is set to include testimony from as many as 100 women.

The rookie running back was rear-ended in a three-car chain-reaction accident.

The president's comments about Haiti and African countries struck a chord with his two most vocal critics in the NBA.

The final four of quarterbacks sure looks different, except for the one constant.

The network that made prime-time NFL games destination viewing may return for the first time since 2005.

Of course this is the exact trio of quarterbacks predicted to join Tom Brady in Sunday's conference championship games.

Cleveland looks like its going to have a far tougher road to a potential fourth straight trip to the NBA Finals than it has experienced the past three years.

Chris Paul's return to Staples Center was supposed to be memorable for what happened on the court. Instead, it will be for his attempt to infiltrate the Clippers locker room.

“This behavior is completely unacceptable, disgusting, and abusive, especially coming from someone whom I was TOLD to trust,” the Olympic gold medalist wrote on Twitter, joining more than 140 women who have accused the former team doctor.

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