The Grand Rapids Griffins did Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas justice in their spoof.

Niklas Süle is actually of Hungarian decent.

So that's where I've seen him before.


Kings GM Vlade Divac confesses to passing up ‘better deal’ before trading DeMarcus Cousins

The Sacramento front office boss told reporters he figured he wouldn't get a better offer for his franchise center than the one he wound up accepting from the Pelicans.

UFC fighter makes a play for Ronda Rousey after knocking out her boyfriend

In post-fight comments, Derrick Lewis also noted that Travis Browne had been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife.

LeBron James is quite ‘okay’ with Kyrie Irving’s flat-Earth comments

Irving indicated that he wasn't being serious when he said the earth is flat, but either way, James has his teammate's back.

It sure doesn't look like it.

The Jayhawks have covered all three of their NCAA tournament games, and it hasn't been all that close.

Miller has led the Flyers to four straight NCAA tournament berths.

Sports writer needs to relax.

Noah already was sitting out after knee surgery.

The Badgers' Zak Showalter hit the tournament's most remarkable shot, but that just set the stage for the Gators' Chris Chiozza's overtime heroics.

O'Neal and Bryant traded compliments during a Staples Center ceremony, while Abdul-Jabbar referred to their notorious feud.

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