What seemed like an ever-changing fight card has finally been set. It's on, in Toronto.

The retired NBA star and current ESPN commentator did not, however, name names.

The 76-year-old broadcaster held it together until he brought up his wife.


Tom Brady, now the NFL’s all-time winningest quarterback, just wants more

Being, in the words of one teammate, “a walking legend” isn't the final goal, either.

Washington made the College Football Playoff but its coach still complained about ESPN

The news Chris Peterson was so eager to hear? That his team would face, gulp, No. 1 Alabama.

Cleveland weatherman isn’t shaving until the Browns win. This might be a bad idea.

Fox' Scott Sabol should change his name to Harry.

Lucky Whitehead has deleted the allegedly offending post, according to reports.

The president-elect loves the spirit of the two service academies, but he's not a big fan of the way they play the game.

"We'll find out where it's coming from," the recently extended L.A. Coach said Friday.

The 'Yeezy Foundation'? Hey, give the guy a little credit for originality.

The Denver linebacker posted the letter, which threatened to put him 'in a wheelchair,' on Instagram.

The Dallas owner still has a soft spot for Tony Romo.

At some point soon, the world will see a video of the Oklahoma running back punching a woman so hard, it broke bones in her jaw and cheekbone.

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