Perhaps the most amazing thing about the play was that it did not involve Klay Thompson, who scored 60.

Producers of the hit show are said to think the UFC champion “would be a perfect fit,” and who's to argue?

The Cleveland supporter was a prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton and will be joined by some teammates in finding different New York accommodations.


Tom Brady, now the NFL’s all-time winningest quarterback, just wants more

Being, in the words of one teammate, “a walking legend” isn't the final goal, either.

Washington made the College Football Playoff but its coach still complained about ESPN

The news Chris Peterson was so eager to hear? That his team would face, gulp, No. 1 Alabama.

Cleveland weatherman isn’t shaving until the Browns win. This might be a bad idea.

Fox' Scott Sabol should change his name to Harry.

The Wolverines star joins Louisville's Lamar Jackson, Clemson's Deshaun Watson, and Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook as finalists.

Early results in fan voting reveal Dallas's pair of talented rookies has made a big impression.

"Conduct detrimental to the team” will sideline the guard Monday night.

Is that good? That sounds good.

DeMarcus Cousins reportedly was there, TMZ reports, after the Sacramento Kings' loss to the Knicks.

Marquette King wasn't taking a roughing-the-kicker penalty lying down.

They've tried it before and it didn't work. Maybe it will this time.

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