Postgame shows are about to go up-tempo.

San Antonio is reportedly interested in signing the Clippers point guard in free agency, although multiple obstacles stand in the way.

Giants head coach Ben McAdoo might not like it, but Carter said that Beckham could learn more from him than from the team's wide receivers coach.


Kings GM Vlade Divac confesses to passing up ‘better deal’ before trading DeMarcus Cousins

The Sacramento front office boss told reporters he figured he wouldn't get a better offer for his franchise center than the one he wound up accepting from the Pelicans.

UFC fighter makes a play for Ronda Rousey after knocking out her boyfriend

In post-fight comments, Derrick Lewis also noted that Travis Browne had been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife.

LeBron James is quite ‘okay’ with Kyrie Irving’s flat-Earth comments

Irving indicated that he wasn't being serious when he said the earth is flat, but either way, James has his teammate's back.

The former Bengals wide receiver said he should “get something back” form the NFL, after all the fines it levied him for his creative celebrations.

The Thunder center, a Turkish native and an outspoken critic of that country's president, was reportedly accused of membership in a “terror group."

'For once I knew I didn't do it,' the pro wrestler said Friday.

Wells Fargo didn't give a specific reason for pulling its sponsorship, but organizers blame the radical animal rights group.

Penn State alum Ryan Belz credits luck for the rest of his record-setting winnings.

The pro wrestling promotion said some its stars will still travel to the city to visit with those affected by the tragedy.

TNT broadcasts live images of Shaq's 'baked potato' toes, and the Internet could not handle it.

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