The wide receiver dinged his knee Sunday against the Bears.

Of course he did!

So much for those wholesome images of the Steelers wide receiver's kids.


‘Some said we deserved to be lynched’: Nebraska fooball player shares reactions to anthem protest

Senior linebacker Michael Rose-Ivey and two teammates knelt during the national anthem before a game against Northwestern.

The story behind how Arnold Palmer invented his famous drink, the Arnold Palmer

Raise your glass (but fill it with iced tea and lemonade) to the late golfer.

After Jose Fernandez’s death, all Marlins to wear No. 16 in tribute

Tributes continue to pour in for the 24-year-old pitcher.

Safety on a rocky jetty, on which the Marlins' pitcher and two men died, is the focus of concern.

The big question is whether his re-injured back will have healed by late November.

If he's sticking with his vegetarian diet, he really means A LOT of food.

Thermonuclear take, comin' at ya.

Some competitions could be held hundreds of miles away from Tokyo, while other venues could be scrapped.

Mohamed Barry, DaiShon Neal and Michael Rose-Ivey chose to take a knee last weekend.

In the wake of the first presidential debate, the 49ers quarterback offered scorn for both Trump and Hillary Clinton, calling them "proven liars."

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