"Conduct detrimental to the team” will sideline the guard Monday night.

Is that good? That sounds good.

DeMarcus Cousins reportedly was there, TMZ reports, after the Sacramento Kings' loss to the Knicks.


Tom Brady, now the NFL’s all-time winningest quarterback, just wants more

Being, in the words of one teammate, “a walking legend” isn't the final goal, either.

Washington made the College Football Playoff but its coach still complained about ESPN

The news Chris Peterson was so eager to hear? That his team would face, gulp, No. 1 Alabama.

Cleveland weatherman isn’t shaving until the Browns win. This might be a bad idea.

Fox' Scott Sabol should change his name to Harry.

Marquette King wasn't taking a roughing-the-kicker penalty lying down.

They've tried it before and it didn't work. Maybe it will this time.

He's made a quick recovery from eye surgery.

Police say Ronald Gasser attacked another motorist a decade ago.

FIFA's former president said he has accepted the decision because “the way the case progressed, no other verdict could be expected.”

Jarreth and Josh Sterns left Midlothian over taunts about breeding and having bananas thrown at blacks in cages.

A look at the scenarios after Week 13.

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