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Who needs Skip Bayless? Or even Stephen A. Smith for that matter, with these kinds of scorching-hot takes?

The fancy cars would be up for grabs in either a "race for pinks" or a receiving-yardage contest. Neither seems like a great idea for Marshall.

The veteran NBA sideline reporter is preparing for his third bone marrow transplant.


Kiwi jiu-jitsu fighter says Rio ‘police’ more or less held him for ransom

Jason Lee was forced to withdraw around $600 from ATMs in exchange for his freedom.

NFL clears Peyton Manning in HGH investigation sparked by documentary

Al Jazeera America made the claim late last year.

Stephen A. Smith moves on from Skip Bayless: ‘It’s my reign now.’

He meant this in an honest, non-braggy way. Really.

Rivers said he's "confident" Griffin will remain with the only team for which he's played.

As if that wasn't obvious already, a new report tells us it is so.

The 24-year-old star says he can balance a world-class career with nights out at the club.

TV ratings for last season's semifinals plummeted when played on the party-hearty night.

Scissors don't just cut paper; they bonk paper over the head with an empty water jug.

Reggie Rucker also will serve about two years in jail for embezzling money from nonprofit groups.

We have so many questions.

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