The sheriff defended reading aloud messages his office has received, saying he hoped “it gets everybody to realize how crazy we're getting.”

He turned around the Owls. Can he get the Bears back on solid ground?

Not the Red Sox? Really?

It didn't go well the last time Dallas did that.

After the team's no-show performance Monday night, Coach Todd Bowles is on the hot seat. A very hot seat.

The league took an easy win and turned it into minor farce.

Really, could he do any worse than the other fellows who've played the position for winless Cleveland since he hurt his shoulder in the opener?

Are streakers a thing again? It sure seems that way.

At 3-9 following an ugly loss, the Jets have little to lose by seeing what Petty can offer in place of the struggling Fitzpatrick.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the play was that it did not involve Klay Thompson, who scored 60.

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