A GoFundMe drive raised nearly $5,000 for Carlton Thompson, a fan for decades.

Foley's bat decals pay tribute to the “SNL” character of the same name portrayed by the late Chris Farley.

They're not the only team preparing for what happens when the NFL's modern golden age of quarterbacks ends.

Laettner and Maye both dashed the Wildcats' Final Four dreams with big shots, 25 years apart.

The ceremonial torching of a sofa is a tradition unlike any other, and it works win or lose!

Video of Ball playing hoops at a Chino rec center surfaced on YouTube.

The Cavs forward wants coaches today to give kids the same unfiltered guidance they showed him.

Brody Chernoff says his dad is trying to get Lindor to "play for seven more years."

WBNS promised to re-air the thrilling conclusion after the fact.

The U.S. women's national team is in a wage dispute with USA Hockey.

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