A dozen Cleveland players knelt in a prayer circle, with others standing over them, in the largest protest to date by NFL players.

Matt Dawson's walk in the park led to an 18-month ordeal from which is now recovering.

This Mike, a rescue formerly known as Harvey, comes to Baton Rouge after the death of Mike VI from cancer last fall.

The 14-year NFL veteran signed a one-year contract with the Bills earlier this month, but said his passion for human rights work had surpassed his passion for football.

As of Sunday, Ravens Coach John Harbaugh didn't know much about the coming eclipse.

Coach Mike Mularkey thinks the bonding time will be “a cool experience” for the team.

The best place for viewing the eclipse, he says, might be at his Georgia lake house, so everybody head there.

The 27,000-seat StubHub Center wasn't close to filled the last two weeks.

The question is whether the New Jersey governor bailed on WFAN or whether the radio station bailed on him.

The team president's wink-wink comments on late night TV are only part of the story, as the NBA opens an investigation.

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