Jim Plunkett-Cole, aka Jim Gump, isn't letting his Asperger's stop him from making a difference -- or having a good time along the way.

Lue says Garnett's wife is pushing for it, too.

David Johnson went from spectator to American hero after making the 12-foot putt missed by Team Europe's Rory McIlroy.

Get a good night's sleep on Saturday night.

Misdemeanor incident occurred in a Publix parking lot Thursday morning.

Wide receiver was AWOL because he feared the news would be bad.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is spreading the wealth when it comes to championship bling.

Aw. File this under "nice news."

He lost his job to Jalen Hurts after just two series in the Tide's season opener.

Who HASN'T wanted to pay a bill totally in coins?

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