There's a reason (actually several) why he's a quarterback and not a lineman.

Plus more on a possible big-man swap, the Spurs' trade hopes, Chris Paul and Paul George.

So says ESPN's Jason Williams.

Coach Dana Altman and the school have faced similar scrutiny in the past.

Democrats and Republicans both agree: This is a no-no, even if you own the course.

After Patrick “Jack” Cooper was mauled to death during a race in Alaska, authorities found and killed the bear.

Moise Kean's dad claims the Italian squad promised him tractors as part of his 17-year-old son's contract.

The Sixers' Joel Embiid makes his pitch, too, for a star that Knicks President Phil Jackson is shopping in a trade.

At the very best, he seems to have a very selective memory.

There was much to admire in his three-run clout, so the Dodgers star delivered the second-longest home-run trot of the season.

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