Chris Foerster has completed 60 days of rehab and says he's trying to get his life in order.

The one job the Alabama coach covets, Arians had said, is the Giants'. That got others, sans vodka, to talking.

Jason Wood, whose clients have included Boston's Andrew Benintendi and other MLB players, described the allegations as “absurd and untrue."

Jamil wilson, who was accused of knowingly giving the woman a sexually transmitted disease, may still factor into the Lakers' plans at a later point.

Brian Bowen, a 6-foot-7 forward considered a five-star prospect, never played for Louisville and Gamecocks officials hope to get him reinstated by the NCAA as soon as possible.

"I’m working harder than I ever have to get back,” said the injured Pittsburgh linebacker, who is helping his team with its morale and its preparations to face the Jaguars in the playoffs.

Sophomore suffered a broken wrist in December, but something wasn't quite right upon his return.

Meanwhile, soccer nearly has caught up with baseball in popularity as a spectator sport.

Here are the stories that didn't make newspapers around the country — when Georgia won the national championship.

The tennis star experienced blood clots and a hematoma after the arrival of Alexis Olympia Ohanian in September.

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