Justin Jackson, who worked in conjunction with his girlfriend, allegedly got the stars to send the sneakers by saying they were for a charity auction.

The Slovakian rider said the race jury never asked him for his side of the story before disqualifying him.

Among Sinor's self-touted accolades are the “amazing hang time” of his punts and that he “likes cool dogs.”

A happy ending to a weird tale.

"In a blink of an eye, everything changed,” a state police sergeant said.

If the former Olympian moves forward, she could run for Sen. Dianne Feinstein's seat next year.

The former quarterback, who resurrected his own career, quickly sought to clarify his comments Tuesday.

A prized rookie suffers muscle tightness playing in his first intense flurry of NBA games.

The NFL's leading rusher has made news often during the offseason, usually for the wrong reasons.

Let's just say that some Lakers fans had a lot more enthusiasm for their team's Summer League squad than actual knowledge of it.

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