With McGregor claiming to have signed his side of the contract and just needing the retired boxer's agreement, Mayweather kept uncharacteristically mum.

The world's fifth-ranked women's golfer showed her support for a Navy SEAL charitable foundation at the Kingsmill Championship Pro-Am, then took a first-round lead the next day.

Because why wouldn't that happen? Especially on “The Fox News Specialists,” which has featured some unusual bookings.

The Toronto outfielder has apologized for his behavior.

The lawsuit alleges Pachulia's actions lowered the resale price of tickets.

Nicky Hayden's prognosis remains unknown.

Drought-busting storms in Southern California wreaked havoc with construction plans.

Jacksonville's David Wicks took an unplanned dip, still helped his team qualify for the NCAA finals.

Richard A. Garrity attended Tuesday's Cubs-Reds game with his wife as part of a work outing.

Now the ball is in Mayweather's court.

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