Manute Bol became a household name in the NBA as much for his 7-foot-7 body as his ability to block shots as if he were swatting flies.

Bol died of in June 2010 and left behind memories of a broad smile and a legacy of charity work in his native Sudan. He also left behind a son. A very, very tall son.

Bol Bol is a seventh grade basketball player in Kansas – and he’s already 6-foot-5. In a recent Crossroads Elite camp, Bol showcased some of the skills that made his old man a neutralizing defensive force, and a bit more offensive ability.

The middle schooler already bears a stunning resemblance to his father, too, with extremely long and slender appendages that sometimes seem to be held together by mere rubber bands rather than flesh and bone.
Yet, unlike Manute Bol, Bol Bol is already proving that he has an incredibly diverse game at a young age. The seventh grader can stroke the three. He can handle the ball and distribute behind-the-back passes.
And, fittingly, the younger Bol can clean up in the paint when needed, just like his father.

Set your clocks. In six years, Bol Bol could be coming to an NBA mock draft near you.

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