(Tom Strickland / AP)

Bob Knight has some stuff he’d like you to buy.

Among the more than 600 items that will be auctioned off by Steiner Sports are Knight’s three NCAA title rings from his days at Indiana University and a gold medal given to him by the Los Angeles Olympic Committee in 1984, when only players were given gold medals.

Knight is cleaning house, but not because he needs the money, according to Steven Costello of Steiner. Asked about Knight’s motives, Costello said, “I guarantee there are no financial problems.”

Knight, 72, told the Associated Press that he just wants to help his grandchildren. “Sports people are nuts,” he said with a laugh. “Look at how much they would they pay for Babe Ruth’s cap or Honus Wagner’s card? I guess these are people who want to own things, things that are the results of what someone else did in sports. I was very pleased there was a market for something like this that my grandkids — I have two grandsons — and my wife has a niece and nephew, who would get good use out of this.”

Also included in the auction are clothes, hunting knives and military artifacts. It would be great if Knight threw in a certain Assembly Hall plastic chair, just for fun.

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