Joe Gibbs also advises Kyle Busch. (Brian Czobat / AP)

Joe Gibbs was back in his element Saturday night, addressing a group of football players on the eve of a big NFL game. The team was the Dallas Cowboys.


Gibbs, the former Hall of Fame coach of the Washington Redskins, chatted up the ‘Boys in Charlotte, where his NASCAR team is based, and told the story of how, during his second NFL stint, he drew a flag for calling consecutive timeouts during a field-goal attempt, according to USA Today. (That happened at a rather crucial moment in a 2007 loss to the Buffalo Bills just after the death of Sean Taylor. You can read about it here. Or not.)

“If Joe Gibbs can screw it up at the last second, anybody can screw it up,” Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said Sunday (via ESPN Dallas), in a comment that’s going to give Redskins fans acid reflux.

That may have been his way of trying to make his coach, Jason Garrett, feel better for  poor clock management that contributed to a loss last week in Baltimore. And there is precedent. Jones said he called Gibbs when Barry Switzer was out as Cowboys coach.

“I have run out of teammates and I need to make a coaching change,” Jones said he told Gibbs. “And so he had been out [retired] for two years and he said in two years I was only the second person in the NFL that asked my advice on a football team, think about that.” 

Jones, it turned out, listened to Gibbs.

“Joe advised at that time, ‘I always believed a head coach should be one of the coordinators and preferably the offense. That way when you have some success the coach can really contributed to it.’ That’s where I got a little bit of that.”

The Cowboys beat the Panthers, 19-14.

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