Well, one of these guys was the winner Sunday.  Don’t ask Jim Nantz which it was. (Jessica Rinaldi / AP)

Just what game CBS’s Jim Nantz watching?

On Sunday evening, he declared that the New York Jets had scored “a stunning victory” over the favored New England Patriots, even as fireworks were exploding in Gillette Stadium, which decidedly is not the home of the Jets. And he went on to proclaim the Jets the AFC East leaders. In spite of the Patriots’ 29-26 overtime victory.

Perhaps he was discombobulated by the sight of both teams walking off even as Mark Sanchez’s fumble was under review. Perhaps someone was in his ear yelling about making way for Lesley Stahl. Or perhaps he was going by the expressions on the faces of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, who look as if they’ve just been given some sort of horrible, terrible news even moments after they’ve just won the Super Bowl.

Still, it was just weird.

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