Ahmad Bradshaw definitely drank his coffee on Sunday.

Ahmad Bradshaw is not Obama, but he’s a leader. (Kathy Willens / AP)

New York’s starting running back was seen jawing with Giants Coach Tom Coughlin during a heated sideline exchange, and later, he nearly decapitated teammate Victor Cruz with a violent slap on the helmet.

Apparently, Bradshaw was just fired up for an NFC clash against the Redskins.

“I was just saying, ‘Run the ball,’ going onto the field,” Bradshaw said Monday of his back-and-forth with Coughlin (via ESPN New York). “A lot of emotions kicking in. I just want to help my team win as much as possible.”

Coughlin acknowledged Bradshaw’s toughness and intensity level, but said “sometimes you do have to control yourself and control your emotions. And [Bradshaw is] working on it.”

After a first-down run in the third quarter, Bradshaw smacked Cruz’s helmet silly because he felt the wide receiver missed a downfield block that could have extended the run.

“Yeah, it didn’t tickle, to say the least,” Cruz said. “But it’s all fine. He just wants the best out of everyone. On that specific play, he felt like I could’ve done more. I agree with him, and we hugged it out later on.”

Watch the video of the play in question and the hug, from NFL.com here.

Bradshaw managed just 43 yards on 12 carries against Washington but did score a touchdown. And maybe his tough love inspired Cruz to turn on the after burners on his game-winning 77-yard touchdown sprint. (Or maybe the Redskins just stink in the secondary.)

 “Ahmad’s just an intense person. He’s a leader,” Giants tight end Martellus Bennett said. “Everybody leads differently. We have a lot of leaders in here. He’s not Obama, but he’s a leader.”

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