(Jeff Haynes / Reuters)

Quarterback Jay Cutler bore no hard feelings — only sore ribs — after Ndamukong Suh’s punishing hit  Monday night in the Chicago Bears’ victory over the Detroit Lions.

“It was a tough hit and he caught me just right,” Cutler said on his weekly WMVP 1000 radio show (via the Chicago Tribune). “It was an awkward fall more than anything. .. I still think it was clean and he is a good player. … I knew it was my ribs and it wasn’t my shoulder or head or anything like that. His knee and the ball got caught in my ribs. … I knew on my way down it wasn’t going to be good.”

Cutler had said Monday night that he expected to feel the pain today and he was right, but he doesn’t expect to miss Sunday’s game against Carolina .”I’m just tight,” he said. ”Everyday movements I’m all right. We have to throw on Thursday. … I’ll be good to go by Sunday.”

Suh, according to multiple reports, won’t be fined for the hit, which was clean and legal. As for history of suffering at Suh’s hands, Cutler admitted, “There’s certain guys who just know how to take you down. Wth this team, it is their intention to drive you to the ground.”

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