(Vincent Thian / AP)

Tiger Woods is preparing to play a little golf in Malaysia and, naturally, the man who is no stranger to scandal himself was asked about Lance Armstrong, who was banned for life and stripped of his seven Tour de France scandals Monday.

Woods, whose scandal was far more personal, doesn’t see it happening in golf.

“This is a sport where we turn ourselves in on mistakes,” Tiger Woods said (via USA Today) as he prepares for the CIMB Classic. “A ball moves in the trees, the guys call penalties on themselves. I think that’s one of the neat things about our game, and I think with the [anti-doping] testing, it’s only enhanced that respectability throughout all of sport.”

Both Woods and Armstrong had endorsement deals with Nike and, although Woods lost a number of deals in the aftermath of the very public breakup of his marriage and personal tailspin in 2009, Nike stuck with him. And other sponsors returned. Armstrong was dropped by Nike — and other sponsors — this week. 

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