Cue Charlie Brown’s theme song. (Sharon Ellman / AP)

Tony Romo heard it — oh, boy, did he ever hear it — late Sunday afternoon when the Dallas Cowboys’ rally fell short against the New York Giants in Cowboys Stadium.

Jerry Jones heard it, too, in spite of a mass email campaign the Cowboys had sent out, urging fans to bring a home-field advantage to the $1.2 billion JerryWorld. Romo and the Cowboys had fallen behind by 23 points before rallying and losing 29-24. Among the heartbreaks? Dez Bryant’s hard-luck touchdown catch, on which he was out of bounds by inches.

Fans were upset when the third of Romo’s four interceptions was returned to the house by Jason Pierre-Paul. And they were really chapped that the Giants are 4-0 since the Cowboys’ stadium opened.

“I would’ve booed us, too,” Romo said. “We deserved it at that time. We did not start the game the way we wanted to.”

The Cowboys are 3-4 and in danger of seeing another season creep away. Romo is only one target of fans’ frustrations, though. Jones is not a popular general manager and Jason Garett draws criticism for his curious play calling and clock management. Fans, voting in a Dallas Morning News poll, put the blame about equally on Garrett and Romo.

“I’ve been to boo school. Seriously,” Jones said. “I’m sure the fans had the same feeling I did. I was frustrated, mad. I knew that we had dug ourselves a hole that was going to take a super effort to get out of. But I understand the frustration. I do.”

Which is nice. But this has been going on a long time.

“The same [treatment] I got 24 years ago,” Jones said. “And the same one I got at times 23, 22, 21, 20 years ago. There’s never been a honeymoon for me here in Dallas.”

Sunday was just a microcosm of the Cowboys’ problems, present and past, Randy Galloway of the Star-Telegram writes.

The only consolation was a first half of loud boos from 94,000-plus at The Big Yard — aimed the loudest at pictures of Jerry Jones on Jumbo Jerry Tron, and the second loudest at Tony Romo for obvious reasons — were replaced by an outbreak of legitimate excitement.

But there you go. That’s them. That’s the Dallas Cowboys. Bad enough at times to be among the NFL’s worst teams. Good enough at times to make you wonder how they can be so mutt-like on the flip side.

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