(Julio Cortez / AP)

A photo of Eli Manning making that face — you know, the one he often makes after throwing an errant and wildly ill-advised pass — surfaced from among all the images of the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

This one popped up on TerezOwens.com and may or may not have been retweeted by actress Kate Mara, whose family owns Manning’s employer, the New York Giants. In the picture, Manning is looking at flooding in the lobby of the building in which he lives in Hoboken, N.J. Manning said Wednesday that he and his family spent Monday night without power in their apartment, then relocated to a hotel after what was, in all seriousness, a long scary night for everyone in the Northeast.

“I saw water coming over the Hudson River into the streets,” Manning said (via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News), “and you see cars completely covered with water and so obviously it can be scary and the wind was blowing and the windows were shaking and you just hope everything holds up and the building holds up and the windows don’t crack. But everything didn’t [break] and you make it through that Monday night and you wake up Tuesday with the water all gone. It’s back where it should be and you just kind of start figuring out what you’re going to do the next couple of days.”

The photo, in which Manning wears what Deadspin calls his “adorkable” look, spawned a  meme-let, with Deadspin creating “Eli Manning Looking at Things.” (No. 2, with Tony Romo, is fairly classic.)

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