Donald Sloan of the Cavs has this flopping thing down. (Mark Duncan / AP)

And the first two NBA players to be identified as floppers under the NBA’s new anti-flopping rule are … J.J. Barea of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Donald Sloan of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Congratulations. Or something.

The league’s new rule calls for video review of every game in an attempt to punish players for drawing fouls in a manner that would make Meryl Streep proud. Barea and Sloan were cited for their actions in the fourth quarter of games Friday night. (And notice that Blake Griffin’s name is absent.)

Barea took a hand to the face from Jimmer Fredette in the Timberwolves’ victory over the Sacramento Kings, threw up his arms and drew a foul in some of the best acting seen since Danny Ainge was playing. (See it here.)

Rick Adelman, the Timberwolves’ coach, stood up for Barea. “I’ve said it before, I think it’s something that they can certainly look at, but I don’t know how anybody thousands of miles away on TV can tell if somebody gets hit or not hit. I think anybody here, if somebody does that to you, you’re gonna flinch … and he got hit.”

Sloan’s offense was more dramatic. He got tangled with Nazr Mohammed of the Chicago Bulls and fell to the floor with his arms flying. (See it here.)

Floppers get a warning for their first offense. The second draws a $5,000 fine, the third $10,000, the fourth $15,000 and the fifth $30,000. Further flopping, which would be serial at this point, could lead to a suspension.

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