On the eve of the election, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney visited with Chris Berman. (Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images)

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney made a “Monday Night Football” appearance with Chris Berman on the eve of today’s election.

The takeaways?

Obama remains loyal to the Chicago Bears, although quarterback Jay Cutler is backing Romney. In particular, he’s big on defense and likes what he sees from the Bears’ Charles Tillman.

Obama is also pleased that a college football playoff system has been put in place during his time in office, taking effect in 2014, and wouldn’t mind seeing it expanded. “Promises made, promises kept,” he said with a laugh. “This was something I said needed to get done, and this is the kind of change you can believe in. But I’d like to see it actually go to eight.”

Romney’s favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots because he’s a long-time Massachusetts resident and former governor of the state (from 2002-06). “I take personal full responsibility for their two Super Bowl wins, as well as the Red Sox winning the World Series,” Romney said, chuckling. “Hey, look, as a governor, you get blamed for everything that goes wrong. You might as well get the credit for what goes right.”

Romney’s biggest concern about sports? Performance-enhancing drugs.

Watch the interview here, while you stand in line at your local polling place:

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