Andrew Bynum, during a game on Halloween. (Tim Shaffer / Reuters)

Andrew Bynum’s hair has taken on a life of its own. With Bynum biding his time recovering from an injury that has sidelined him since he was traded by the Los Angeles Lakers to the Philadelphia 76ers, it’s fair to say he’s experimented with his look.

Last night, though, was something entirely different. This new ‘do, evoking Ike Turner, Moe Howard and Captain Kangaroo (depending on whom you follow on Twitter), was a thing of sheer inspiration. (@ElstonTurner31 has multiple angles.)

It’s kind of a bowl cut. (@CJZero via USA Today)

 It’s, above all, a process, one that Ball Don’t Lie’s Dan Devine found unsettling:

“After watching the evolution of Bynum’s hair from the comparatively close-cropped look he kept this spring with the Los Angeles Lakers through the young Kobe-style mini-‘fro he had when traded to the 76ers and Jake Shuttlesworth-echoing bigger ‘fro he had at media day to the gray-tinged, center-cannot-hold blowout of early November, Wednesday night’s combed-down, borderline-helmet-headed approach felt especially jarring.”

What if this catches on???

H/T CJzero, USA Today, Buzzfeed, everyone on Twitter

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