Because of an injury to his left knee, Andrew Bynum hasn’t played a lick since coming to the Philadelphia 76ers in a blockbuster trade in August.

On Sunday, he confirmed an ESPN report that he isn’t likely to play soon because he hurt the other knee…while he was bowling.

Well, this is one way to get people to stop talking about your hairstyles.

“Same exact injury, mirror images of the knees,” Bynum said (via “I think it happened bowling, to be honest.

“I don’t think anybody could’ve told me I couldn’t do that. I was doing squatting in the low-impact training. It is what it is. The cartilage is in a weakened state . . . I didn’t do anything [while bowling]. I didn’t twist it or fall or nothing. [The left knee] got big [after bowling].”

Athletes often get hurt playing other sports — the Baltimore Ravens’ Terrell Suggs hurt his Achilles playing basketball it the spring — and that’s why there are contractual clauses that limit just what an athlete can do. Bowling is not, however, a prohibited activity. Nor is it usually injurious, unless the lanes are, as a commentator once noted, “especially lubricious.”

Bynum had Orthokine therapy injections in both knees in September in Germany. Last month, he was given lubricating injections. Bynum, though, developed a bone bruise that has set his recovery back.

“I’ve just got to wait for the cartilage to get stronger, and that’s pretty much what’s going on,” Bynum told ESPN. “The pain is about the same, but there is swelling in both knees that we have under control. It’s the same spot, bone bruise on both sides.”

That’s a rather sobering assessment, the Philly Daily News’ John Smallwood writes.

Still, this Bynum thing is clearly frustrating for everyone, especially the fans who are beginning to think the Sixers got the only lemon in the deal that moved 12 players and three first-round draft picks among the Sixers, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Denver Nuggets.

Don’t look to Bynum for any kind of a hopeful, uplifting prognosis.

“It [stinks], No. 1,” Bynum said of his knee health. “And No. 2, I just don’t know what to expect. There’s really nothing more to say about it. It’s what happened. I have issues with my knees and we’re going to try and resolve it. There’s no surgical procedures that would really help or are safe to do at the moment. I just kind of have to bide my time.”

Just what they want to hear in Philly.

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