Terrell Owens would like a job. In football. Or basketball. (Ted S. Warren / AP)

Terrell Owens would like very much to expand his repertoire. While he’d like to play in the NFL, the NBA is also an option. No word, yet, on MLB.

Owens, who was cut by the Seattle Seahawks just before the season began, tried unsuccessfully to peddle his services to the New York Jets in October. According to Blake Griffin, he thinks he’d be a good fit with the Los Angeles Clippers. Maybe he got the idea from his old buddy, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, who gave soccer a whirl

“Terrell Owens is always — he was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract,” Griffin said (via Pro Football Talk) on “The Dan Patrick Show” this morning.

Griffin admitted that T.O. “can play a little bit,” but he hasn’t competed in an NFL game in nearly two years and he’s 39 now. Still, he might give Lamar Odom a run for his money. Just keep him away from the Kardashians.

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