Kobe Bryant, before he started losing his patience with that Zen stuff. (Jae C. Hong / AP)

How did Kobe Bryant spend his off-day in New York City?

One thing he did was call Magic Johnson, the former Los Angeles Lakers legend who has not been shy about criticizing the Lakers for passing up the chance to re-hire Phil Jackson and for their play of late. The 9-13 Lakers, who have lost three in a row and five of their last six, play the New York Knicks, Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni’s most recent former team, tonight.

 “We just talked about some of the experiences he went through and some of the systematic changes that he had to go through after Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] retired and how he kind of managed through that and how he dealt with that,” Bryant said (via ESPN Los Angeles) after the Lakers’ shootaround Thursday. “It was very helpful.”

Bryant did not go into detail about the conversation.

“The advice I get from Magic, Michael [Jordan] and those guys, that’s always sacred,” Bryant said. “That’s going to the mountaintop and talking to Buddha. Know what I mean? That’s privileged information.”

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