See? Everybody wants Phil, but Jeanie’s got him. (Mark J. Terrill / AP)

There’s one sure way to keep Phil Jackson on the Los Angeles Lakers’ perennial list of possible coaches: marry him.

Showing even more patience than Lakers fans, Jeanie Buss, whose family owns the team, announced Thursday night that she is engaged to her longlonglong-time boyfriend, the team’s former coach. Frankly, it’s about time. Buss, 51, and Jackson, 69, have been together since 1999 and live together in Playa del Ray. (Maybe the Zen Master just pried a diamond out of one of those 11 championship rings…)

“I’m beyond happy,” Buss, who makes more creative use of basketballs in her Twitter avatar than Jackson ever did, told “I really didn’t want it to be news, but I knew people who followed me on Twitter cared about it and I’ve been wearing the ring since Christmas, so I figured I should let people know.”

So…this rules out coaching the Brooklyn Nets, right?

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