Barrett Jones and A.J. McCarron brought their combustible relationship tothe BCS stage. (David J. Phillip / AP)

The best thing to happen in the 42-14 BCS championship blowout?

Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron and his center, Barrett Jones, brought their combustible relationship to the national stage in the college championship game Monday night. With a little more than seven minutes left and Alabama rolling over Notre Dame, McCarron was wanting the snap as the play clock ran down. He gestured. He stomped. But Jones, who was a little preoccupied with blocking assignments, didn’t snap the ball and ‘Bama was flagged for delay of game.

McCarron chose that moment to verbally express his displeasure with his 300-pound center, who shoved him away. The Dr. Phil moment quickly subsided, though, with McCarron giving Jones a hug on the sideline. For these two, this kind of thing is not unusual. Perhaps it stems from the intimate nature of the QB-center relationship. Or the pressure cooker that is SEC football. At any rate, McCarron told that Jones “talks so much sometimes, what gets under my skin is I’ve got to tell him to be quiet in the huddle.”

After the game, Jones, who was playing with a painful Lisfranc injury, told ESPN “we’re both perfectionists. He’s an emotional guy, and we had a snap count difference. I was right … but whatever. It doesn’t matter. We love each other and gave each other a big hug. That’s just how we are, if you don’t know us.”

The twosome was a big hit on Twitter, especially with Kobe Bryant, who knows something about reports of fights with teammates.

It must be something about Jones because, after the game, McCarron dealt pretty coolly with Darnell Dockett hitting on his girlfriend, Katherine Webb, via Twitter during the game.

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