The "T" in "talk" stands for "technical." (Ray Stubbletine / Reuters? The “T” in “talk” stands for “technical.” (Ray Stubbletine / Reuters?

Carmelo Anthony admitted that he blew a gasket Monday night when he attempted a bizarre postgame interception of Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics bus, but he wasn’t apologizing Tuesday.

“There’s just certain things that you just don’t say to another man,” Anthony said of the heated exchanges and physical play between the two during Boston’s 102-96 victory in Madison Square Garden. Afterward, he headed for the Celtics’ locker room and later waited for Garnett at the Celtics’ bus. “I felt we crossed the line. But we’re both at an understanding right now. We handled it the way we handled it and nobody needs to know what was said behind closed doors. So that situation was handled.”

Anthony, who doesn’t believe his behavior warrants a fine or a suspension, said he hasn’t heard from the league. “Nothing happened for me to be suspended,” Anthony said. “I wanted to talk to KG. I think it was something we both needed to get off our chests and see really what the problem was. No altercations, it was just a conversation that we needed to have. That’s it. We move on from there.

“I just wanted to know what was being said, where was all that coming from.”

NBA spokesman Tim Frank promised an investigation.

“I lost my composure yesterday,” Anthony said. “For the most part, I’ve been very positive this season and yesterday I allowed someone to get me off my square.”

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