(Steven Senne / AP) His left knee works just fine. See? (Steven Senne / AP)

Not that he was following the surgical updates on Robert Griffin III as closely as Washington Redskins fans, but Tom Brady said he felt Griffin’s pain.

The New England Patriots quarterback, preparing to play the Houston Texans in an AFC divisional playoff game Sunday, missed all of the 2008 season after suffering a knee injury similar to RGIII’s in the season opener. Brady reportedly tore his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments.

“You hate to see guys injured, and I certainly wouldn’t wish that injury on anybody. It’s tough, and you see plenty of guys on the team come back. We’ve had quite a few players [have the same injury on the Patriots]. It’s a physical game,” Brady said (via the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe). It takes its toll. It’s not an easy game.

“I think you try to be mentally and physically tough. The teams that do that over the course of the season continue to advance, and certainly injuries play a part of every season. We’ve had guys injured. Houston has plenty of guys injured. That’s just part of the season. The more depth and quality that you have on the football team, the better you’ll be over the long run and the more you’ll be able to sustain it.”

Reconstruction surgery on Brady’s left knee was done by Dr. Neal ElAttrache in Southern California. Brady, ElAttrache told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times in June 2009, wanted to know every detail about the surgery and his recovery timeline. Eventually, ElAttrache said he had “loosen the reins and let him go a little bit.”

Not long after the surgery, Brady had an infection that required doctors to do several procedures “to clean and to test the wound,” his website said.

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