The guy in the lower left corner has the mid that picks up Carmelo Anthony's utterances. (Kathy Willens / AP) The guy in the lower left corner has the parabolic mic that picks up Carmelo Anthony’s utterances. (Kathy Willens / AP)

If the New York Knicks owner wants to monitor Carmelo Anthony’s behavior by installing recording devices on the Madison Square Garden court, Anthony has no problem with it.

Owner James Dolan made the move after Anthony was suspended for a game last week after a trash-talking incident with Kevin Garnett in which Anthony hung around the Boston Celtics’ bus postgame, waiting for KG.

“I got an owner that looks out for me,” Anthony said at practice Wednesday in London, where the Knicks play the Detroit Pistons on Thursday. “You can’t beat that for an owner to try to protect their players, to protect his players. It just shows how much loyalty Mr. Dolan has.”

After Anthony’s suspension, Dolan placed two technicians with parabolic microphones at either end of the court to capture whatever comments Anthony might make. The move was made to prevent another “he-said, he-said” dispute like the one with Garnett, who was not punished. Both players jawed and jostled one another throughout the game, with Garnett reportedly crossing a line by insulting Anthony’s wife, La La. Celtics Coach Doc Rivers denied that, however.

The NBA isn’t bothered by Dolan’s recording devices, regardless of how creepy the process may be or how Big Brother it may seem. And it isn’t really clear why Dolan would do this. Perhaps he wants to do his own Carmelo Anthony reality show. The Newark Star-Ledger’s Dave D’Alessandro, who broke the story, says we may never know Dolan’s motives.

Was it to luxuriate in the poetic musings of his most valuable player, even though he is far from his most voluble player? Was it a teaching tool, so his coaches could school Melo on the potential hazards of courtside misconduct?

Or perhaps it was done to furnish proof to the NBA that his meal ticket is now a verbal target, particularly with notorious motormouths such as Joakim Noah and Nate Robinson in town that night for a full-court yakfest?

We may never find out. We only know that ever since Anthony proved vulnerable to the taunts of Kevin Garnett, the Knicks’ season has careened into a ditch — and that Anthony’s chief benefactor may believe that extraordinary measures are now needed to protect him.

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