Jim Harbaugh — everybody’s ideal poker opponent. (Jeff Haynes / Reuters)

If ever a coach needed a timeout, it was Jim Harbaugh.

His epic wigout in a chair facing the corner merited at least 10 minutes, but, hey, the coach’s San Francisco 49ers are headed to the Super Bowl and there was no harm, no foul from his freakout — only epic GIFs.

His temper tantrum was triggered by the refs’ desicion to uphold a catch by Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas after Harbaugh had thrown the challenge flag. Although he had a darn good case, the video evidence didn’t merit overturning.

If this were the NBA, Harbaugh would have been T-ed up but good. As it is, all that resulted from his tantrum is the season’s second-best GIF. Nothing, but nothing, is going to top Mark Sanchez’s buttfumble.