Tom Brady comes in a little high for a landing. (Mike Segar / Reuters)

The NFL will review Tom Brady’s slide during the AFC championship game, the slide on which his elevated leg seemed to be aimed in the direction of Ed Reed, ESPN reports.

The Ninja-like slide, better suited for a baserunner breaking up a double play than an NFL quarterback, has drawn some rare cricitism for Brady, with a raging debate whether it was a dirty play.

“When you slide . . . everything is on the ground. He knew what he was doing,” Ravens safety Bernard Pollard said Monday (via CSN Baltimore) “It has to go both ways. Hopefully the NFL will do something about it.”

Brady, who was scrambling out of the pocket on the play just before halftime, was not flagged and Reed was uninjured.

The NFL typically looks at all sorts of plays and has been known to fine players regardless of whether a play was flagged on the field. It’s pretty rare, though, when an offensive player is smacked with a fine and even rarer still when a quarterback, particularly one of Brady’s stature, has to pay.

Reed said he and Brady had communicated about the play and are cool now. “It’s a tough spot the quarterback’s in,” Reed said on WJZ radio Monday night. “You know, I understand Brady’s point. Him protecting himself. I know he’s a great player. I respect Brady and his game for all it stands for, and I know he’s not a dirty player. And emotions get going in the game.

“I told him — you know, we talked. We talked actually not too long ago, we talked on the phone. He actually reached out to me, texted me. I tried to text him back, but the message exploded after 12 seconds, so I had to call him … and he’s just apologized and what not. But I told him, ‘You know, it’s good, man.’ ”

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