Ndamukong Suh reportedly did not hesitate when he saw comedian Louie Anderson in trouble. (Rebecca Cook / Reuters)

If you’re ABC and you have a celebrity diving show called “Splash” and one contestant dives in and saves another, don’t you already have a winner?

That’s what reportedly happened recently when Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh dived into the pool to rescue comedian Louie Anderson, according to TMZ (see photos on tweet below). Anderson was practicing his dives when “he nearly sank to the bottom of the pool from sheer exhaustion,” TMZ reports.

Suh, who’s been fined and suspended for his antics on a football field, and former Olympic diver Greg Louganis pulled the comedian to the side of the pool, where “Louie then sat coughing up water for several seconds,” according to TMZ.

Although Suh’s participation created a bit of a stir because he hadn’t cleared it with the team, Coach Jim Schwartz wasn’t concerned. “I did take a couple physics courses, but there’s something about displacement of water, but it has to do with like mass and density and Ndamukong Suh’s going to displace some,” Schwartz told the Detroit Free Press. “Even if he goes in like those Chinese divers that don’t even make a ripple, it’s going to move a lot of water. There’ll be a tsunami somewhere because it’s just – that should be probably more ‘Celebrity Cannonballing.’ But Ndamukong’s a good athlete. He played soccer. He’s a really good athlete for a big man.”

“Splash” also features Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kendra Wilkinson and Katherine Webb (former Miss Alabama and Brent Musburger fave). It premieres March 19.

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