Beyonce will sing Sunday night. Or will she? (Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Beyonce is scheduled to face questions from media members at Super Bowl XLVIII today in New Orleans, but the focus is more likely to be on her performance at the Inauguration than Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show.

The singer hasn’t spoken publicly about allegations that she lip-synced the national anthem Jan. 21 on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and Lipgate figures to be a prime topic, although the press conferences featuring halftime performers typically aren’t terribly probing. (Last year, Madonna was asked her opinion of Indianapolis and whether ex-boytoy Alex Rodriguez has a painting depicting him as a magnificent centaur. Okay, that second question was pretty wonderful.)

Beyonce is also likely to be questioned about whether the halftime show might feature a Destiny’s Child reunion, an US Weekly report that was kind of shot down by Michelle Williams.

Since the Inauguration, Beyond has posted rehearsal photos on Instagram and on her website, but her lips, until this afternoon, have been sealed.

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