Bonjour, baby. (Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters)

David Beckham signed a five-month contract to play for Paris St.-Germain and, in a twist, he will give away his salary.

“I’m excited, it’s something we’ve been working on and talking about for quite a while,” he said in a press conference Thursday. “I won’t receive any salary. My salary will go to a local children’s charity. That’s one of the things we are excited and proud to do.”

Beckham’s American adventure ended last December after the Los Angeles Galaxy won the MLS Cup in his final game and, at 37, his personal magnetism outweighs his soccer prowess. He was famously denied a spot on the British Olympic soccer team last summer, but instead was given the role of looking good while bringing the Olympic torch up the Thames on a motorboat that he totally was not driving. Still, he said he wasn’t certain this would be his final contract.

“People have been speculating about that for a number of years, but I continue to play and sign contracts,” he said. “I will see how feel, but I want to play as long as possible. My passion is football. It always has been. When I play football it is not about the biggest contract.”

Fear not, though. With his lucrative side gig as a skivvies pitchman, it isn’t likely that the missus is going to have to start clipping coupons.

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