Could the Harbaugh brothers’ style be any different? (Mark Humphrey / AP)

On Sunday, Jim Harbaugh won’t be coaching against just his brother, John, in Super Bowl XLVII.

He’ll also, to a degree, be facing off against his son.

Jay Harbaugh is a 23-year-old coaching intern working for his uncle with the Baltimore Ravens. He has managed to fly under the radar all week at the Super Bowl — man, he’s goooood — but he agreed to an interview with the Los Angeles Times’ Sam Farmer, to be published after the head coaches’ final press conference this morning.

“I’m having the time of my life,” Jay told Farmer. “The entire experience is everything that you dream about. I’m just ecstatic about the whole thing. Really, it’s incredible, with your first year in the NFL to be in this situation. It’s really incredible to be a part of.”

Jay Harbaugh, who attended Oregon State, will be working with the team’s offensive coaches in the box high above the field, far from the cameras. Although his grandparents swear they’re rooting for neither son, Jay has no conflicts.

“I couldn’t fathom even considering not being all in with the team that I’m a part of,” he said. “Any true competitor feels the exact same way. You have to be totally all in with your team, sold on the vision. Otherwise, there’s no point. No point to being a part of it, putting in all the time that you do and making the sacrifices.

“In some alternate universe, if I was conflicted, it would just confuse my dad. It would confuse any true competitor because you can’t reconcile those things in your head. If you’re all in, you’re all in. There’s no wavering there. It’s an all-or-nothing proposition for that whole week.”

Contact between the Harbaugh brothers has been limited this week and the same is true for Jim and Jay.

“I’m really thankful and proud at the same time,” Jim Harbaugh said. “Jay is doing what he loves to do, and that’s a real blessing. And he’s doing it with the Baltimore Ravens, a tremendous organization, great coaches around him to mentor him. I hear he’s doing a phenomenal job, something I’m really proud of.

“This week, I haven’t been talking to him or calling him. Sent him a couple of texts to let him know how I feel about him.”

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