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Super Bowl 2013: Cary Williams says he “just reacted” when he shoved ref

Cary Williams did lose his helmet in the scrum. (Al Bello / Getty Images)
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The luckiest man in Super Bowl XLVII just might have been Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams.

During a second-quarter scrum after Ed Reed had intercepted a pass by Colin Kaepernick, Williams shoved a referee with both hands, an no-no move that ordinarily would have drawn an immediate ejection and penalty. It drew neither Sunday night.

“It was a situation where I didn’t see who the heck I pushed. Those guys kicked my helmet off, took my helmet off man, it’s just a part of the process. Whatever,” Williams said (via Lindsay H. Jones of USA Today). “It’s a reaction. You see teammates out there getting hit late, guys pulling guys after the whistle. My helmet came off, I couldn’t barely see, and I just reacted. It is what it is.”

There were offsetting personal-foul penalties out of the scrum and play settled down.

“The offensive line trying to be tough. Be tough between the whistles, man. Don’t pull that crap after the damn whistle, man. I mean, I just felt like those guys were a little dirty. The refs should have thrown flags on them early on them in the game to stop that junk,” Williams said. “Sometimes you’ve got to retaliate, sometimes you have to show people we aren’t going to be pushed around. We do this. That’s been part of the Ravens’ defense for years, to show toughness, but we do it between the whistles.”

During the regular season, New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick was fined $50,000 for just grabbing the arm of a replacement referee after a game had ended.

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