Oh, there you are. (Darron Cummings / AP)

John Harbaugh opened his Monday morning press conference by picking up the Lombardi Trophy and seemingly joking, “We hadn’t seen this since last night. We thought we’d lost it.”

Lose the Lombardi after fighting so hard to win it? This isn’t the Stanley Cup, which has a long history of winding up in odd places. But ABC2.com in Baltimore reported that John Harbaugh wasn’t kidding.

As the team and its entourage headed to owner Steve Bisciotti’s fancy party Sunday night, the trophy “didn’t make it to the party” Kevin Byrne, the team’s vice president of communications told The Post in an email.

It wasn’t so much that someone had lost it, though, has someone lost track of it. As for this morning, there was simply uncertainty over which security person had it. Harbaugh slyly thanked whoever had the trophy, which, by afternoon, safely was on the team’s charter back to Baltimore and being used as a prop in photos.

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