A person can’t dance properly and hold onto a float at the same time. (Gail Burton / AP)

Hey, diddle-diddle, it’s Ray Rice in the middle … of the street.

You don’t see this at every Super Bowl championship parade. Ray Rice, the Ravens’ prized running back, says he fell off the float as it made its way through Baltimore streets Tuesday.


He’s okay, though. He told CBS’s “Boomer and Carton Show” he landed “in the push-up position, got back up and said, ‘Let’s party.’”

Seriously, how does this not happen more often?

“The float stopped short and I fell off of it, but I caught myself. I’m good, though,” Rice said. “I’m telling y’all that because, you know, y’all are my boys. Ray Rice has no injuries. I fell off the float, but I’m good.”

Rice also admitted that the lengthy halftime and long power outage hurt the Ravens in the second half, when the San Francisco 49ers rallied and turned the game into a classic.

“I’m just being honest. There’s no way you get your legs warmed up, back and ready to play,” Rice, whose third-quarter fumble helped the 49ers close to within 28-23, said. “I stretched. I did everything. … I didn’t feel good until like the fourth quarter, until they was making a rally.”

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Video: The Ravens take their party to the streets of Baltimore