(Courtesy Dave Rappoccio) (Courtesy Dave Rappoccio)

Dave Rappoccio, the man known for giving us Manning face (Peyton, not Eli) on all 32 NFL logos last year, is back.

This time on Dave’s Art Locker, the master at the Draw Play imagines all 32 NFL teams as if the patriots (not Tom Brady’s Ugg-loving band) had lost the war of independence.

In the NFC East, the Eagles become the Fancy Flyers, the Giants become the Rather Large Men and the Cowboys become the Yankee Tossers.

And the Redskins? Well, they’re the Delightful Chums we had a tendency to oppress. Maybe that’s just Delightful Chums, or D.C. for short.

Laughing at the Seahawks should help make up for any pain Redskins fans feel:

(Courtesy Dave Rappoccio)
(Courtesy Dave Rappoccio)

You can see the whole lot here.

H/T Chris Chase, USA Today and DrawPlayDave

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