Jerry Jones and his wife, Gene, attended the Oscars. (Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez / AFP – Getty Images)

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has always made two points clear, as clear as the eyeglasses his son-in-law cleans for him: he will not fire Dallas Cowboys general manager Jerry Jones and he isn’t going to sell the team.

When he isn’t busy inventing Jerry Wipes or building the world’s awesome-est bus, he is reiterating that point. The latest opportunity for doing so came at the NFL Scouting Combine, where he pointed out he’ll be accepting praise if and when the Cowboys win their next Super Bowl.

“I pretty much go with what I did the night I bought the team,” Jones told the media (via Clarence Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram). “I said I was going to be the GM. … It would be a facade if someone else was sitting in my shoes and someone thought they were spending the money. It would be deception. … I would grant you the decisions that have been made over the years have not produced a Super Bowl, two Super Bowls or three Super Bowls that I would like to have been a part of.

“And the only thing I am going to do there is keep trying and then make sure I get the credit when we do get that one. Y’all are going to give it to me, aren’t you?”

That last line came with a smile. Which almost makes one forget about Roy Williams … and LeSean McCoy and …

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