These are painful to both the rods and cones. (Courtesy of Adidas)
These are painful to both the rods and cones. (Courtesy of Adidas)

Those short-sleeved jerseys that rocked the NBA recently aren’t going away. In fact, they may be making an appearance in March Madness.

Adidas, according to a Sporting News report, will outfit several of the teams it has deals with in the armpit-covering shirts during the men’s NCAA tournament. Lawrence Norman, Adidas’ vice-president/global basketball, did not specify which teams would be sporting the new look.

Michigan and North Carolina State told TSN that they would not wear the jerseys; Indiana officials said they had heard nothing from Adidas. Louisville has been told that it will be one of eight teams chosen, although spokesperson Kenny Klein told TSN that the school did not have specifics. According to Adidas’s Twitter account, Baylor, Notre Dame, UCLA and Cincinnati also are likely to be targeted. Three unnamed women’s teams are also expected to wear the short sleeves.

Of course, with the Zubaz shorts, maybe no one will notice. Is this the ruination of the tournament or is about time that uniforms got a new look? (Short shorts, anyone?)

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