Anquan Boldin’s first-half touchdown in Super Bowl XLVII. (Gerald Herbert / AP)

Anquan Boldin has said he won’t restructure his contract to take anything less than the $6 million the Baltimore Ravens owe him for 2013. What’s more, his quarterback, who recently had quite a payday, supports him.

That’s where the Ravens and their talented wide receiver stand on the eve of free agency in the NFL.

“When I signed with the Ravens, I signed for four years,” Boldin told USA Today’s Robert Klemko on Saturday. “With me, it’s all about principles. At no point, no matter how well I played, would I come back to the table and say, ‘I need more money.’

“The contract that I signed was the contract that I intended to play out.”

Boldin, 32, caught 65 passes for 921 yards last season and had six catches for 104 yards and a touchdown in a 34-31 Super Bowl victory vs. the San Francisco 49ers. USA Today reports that he’ll become an unrestricted free agent if the team releases him. He caught 65 passes for 921 yards and caught six passes for 104 yards and a touchdown in the Ravens’ Super Bowl win. Joe Flacco, the team’s quarterback, just got paid and supports Boldin.

“That’s what he has the right to do,” Flacco said (via Fox Sports Arizona) of Boldin’s refusal to take a pay cut. “He’s worth all the money. That’s what he should do.”

Boldin left today on a trip to Senegal with Oxfam America. USA Today reports that he will opt for free agency rather than retirement if the Ravens release him.

“I love the Ravens; I love the organization,” he told Klemko. “But at the same time, I think everybody understands it’s a business, and that’s something that I definitely understand. I love everything about the Ravens. But if things don’t work out there, I’ll sit with my family, we’ll talk it over, pray about it and see what God is asking me to do.

“I know how the Ravens feel about me, from a coaching standpoint, from an organizational standpoint, from guys in the locker room. But sometimes the business side doesn’t express that.”

Boldin’s timing is, naturally, impeccable. The Ravens’ Super Bowl video lands, with plenty of footage of Boldin throughout the playoffs, just as free agency is about to begin. From’s Peter King:

News came down over the weekend that the Ravens want Boldin to take less money to stay — $2 million less, according to the Baltimore Sun. To me, there’s just no logic for this. Boldin was enormous for the Ravens in the playoffs. He led all postseason receivers with 22 catches, 380 receiving yards and four touchdowns. (Of course, he played four games, and the Ravens were the only team with four postseason games this year.)

The Ravens’ Super Bowl highlight DVD came in the mail the other day … and it’s going to be an odd scene later today in Baltimore when the DVD is debuted in advance of it going on sale across the country Tuesday. Odd, and awkward.

Ravens officials and players will be on hand to watch highlights of the season and mostly of the playoffs, and if they see what I saw, they’ll say, What a dominant postseason Boldin had. How can we make a guy who played as well as he did take a cut?

The Ravens don’t often make mistakes, but parting with Boldin over $2 million seems liek a move they’d regret.

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