That would be DeAndre Jordan doing that dunk thing. (Reed Saxon / AP) That would be DeAndre Jordan doing that dunk thing. (Reed Saxon / AP)

Dunk of the year?

If images — each one greater than the last — and tweets are to be believed, DeAndre Jordan is the NBA winner, hands down. Oh, so very hands down.

There are so many images, all of them great, in video of the moment, from the kids dancing to Vinny Del Negro thinking about pulling a Jeff Van Gundy-on-Alonzo Mourning move to keep Blake Griffin on the bench, Jordan’s expression after doing what he did to the Detroit Piston’s Brandon Knight.

And then there was the moment itself, at which Knight became roadkill on the superhighway to Dunkville.

From Ball Don’t Lie’s Eric Freeman:

With approximately 4:30 remaining in the second quarter, superstar point guard Chris Paul brought the ball up the court, immediately drove to his right, and threw a very high pass for Jordan in the general vicinity of the basket. With his superior athleticism and strength, Jordan caught the ball, turned to finish, and absolutely detonated on Pistons guard Brandon Knight with a ferocious right-handed dunk (technically his weaker hand). Knight fell to the ground flat on his back, got called for the foul, and presumably saw his life flash before his eyes.

Oh, and the Clippers won, 129-97. Jordan had 13 points and left a clue about what he was thinking early this morning on Twitter.


Um, Brandon, what’s why they call themselves Lob City. Anyway…

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Griffin had a solid dunk last week