This is a really poor idea by Zurich defender Loris Benito. (Marcel Bieri / AP)

Pine martens may look cute, but in reality they’re weasel-like critters with sharp teeth and a bad attitude when chased by humans. They’re also wild and, when one of them ran onto the field on which a Swiss Super League game was about to be contested over the weekend, picking it up was a colossally awful idea.

Zurich defender Loris Benito found out the hard way that this was no rally squirrel gamboling about the pitch.

(Marcel Bieri / AP) See? (Marcel Bieri / AP)

“In hindsight, it was obviously somewhat foolish of me,” Benito told German media. “Who knows what diseases the animal had? But I wanted to play the match and now simply trust in my immune system.”

Which seems like perhaps the second-worst idea he’s had lately.

It fell to goalkeeper Davide Da Costa to nab the marten and Zurich went on to beat Thun, 4-0.

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