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Step aside, President Obama. You’re old news.

Every year, Obama fills out his bracket. This year, he went chalk again, picking top-seeded Louisville to win it all. That’s all well and good. But this is about Robby Novak, Kid President. (Here’s a look at Obama’s bracket.)

The YouTube sensation/interviewer/pep-talker filled out his bracket with ESPN broadcaster Robert Flores. And it’s awesome. He rolls with a Final Four of Duke, “Gonzago,” Indiana and Michigan, with “Gonzago” topping Michigan in the title game.

Among the highlights:

On Duke: “They’re the bad guys. That’s what my bro told me.”

On Duke’s coach: “Mike Sesowski”

On Duke vs. Memphis: “Now this is a challenge. Because that’s my homeland [Memphis] and they’re good [Duke] … I may have to go with Duke.”

On UCLA’s star freshman: “You should know Shabazz by now. Everybody should.”

On picking Wisconsin: “I love cheese.”

On Michigan, one of his championship game picks: “Taste the fur, taste the claws.”

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