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DAYTON, Ohio — One day before Indiana opened up NCAA tournament play, the Hoosiers met with members of the media and faced an impromptu quiz about their first-round opponent, James Madison.

“Pardon me for the frivolous question,” a reporter asked, “but I was just wondering what kind of James Madison trivia you guys knew. Do you know what conference they’re in, what their mascot is, where their school is located, that kind of stuff?”

Victor Oladipo, an Upper Marlboro native, grew up about 2 1/2 hours away from JMU’s  campus in Harrisonburg, Va. He took first crack at the question.

“They’re in the CAA,” he said. “I think they’re, like, the Dukes — James Madison Dukes. What was the other one? They’re from Virginia.

The DMV. Yeah, I’m from there, so I know a little somethin’-somethin’ about James Madison.”

Reporter: “Do you guys know who James Madison, the figure, is?”

Before we let Oladipo answer, let’s note that his listed major is “sport communication broadcast” — not history.

“He signed the declaration or something like that,” Oladipo said. “You mean the person, right? James Madison, he signed something big, like the Declaration of Independence. I’m right, right? Emancipation Proclamation, something like that. One of those big names. I know he’s a big historic figure in U.S. history.”

Sophomore Cody Zeller couldn’t let the one-sided interrogation continue. “Do you know what a Hoosier is?,” he asked. Oladipo posed the same question.

Reporter: “Not really.”

For the record, the word Hoosier refers to a native or resident of the Indiana.

“I think I’m 4-0,” Oladipo said, bringing the inquisition to a close. “I think I won that little trivia challenge right there.”

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