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As expected, the No. 1 vs. 16 matchup between Louisville and North Carolina A&T made most viewers want to change the channel midway through the first half — but it wasn’t just because the Cardinals were up by 16.

The Aggies’ DaMetrius Upchurch took a nasty fall that had viewers wincing and tweeters sympathizing with the senior forward. No video or pictures seem to be available at the moment — which might be a good thing — but from the look and sound of things, he probably has little grasp of his surroundings.

Upchurch was seen rubbing his head before the start of the second half and was dressed but not in the starting lineup.

Despite having its way for the entire half and taking a 47-31 lead, Louisville also gave some of its fans reason to wince. With nothing but the basket in front of him, Louisville’s Chane Behanan got rejected by the rim on a dunk attempt, bringing back memories of the infamous Sprite commercial from years ago.

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