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Andy Enfield’s wife was a supermodel. You may be seeing a lot more of her.

(Matt Rourke / AP)

This is Andy Enfield. He is the coach of the Florida Gulf Coast team — a No. 15 seed — that is leading Georgetown — a No. 2 seed — 24-22 at halftime.

He also happens to be married to Amanda Marcum, a former supermodel whose work has appeared in Vogue, Maxim, Elle and Victoria’s Secret. If FGC holds on in the second half, there are going to be 8 trillion shots of Amanda Enfield, with the couple’s three tots, in the crowd. So you should probably keep watching. Just in case.

Why would a supermodel marry an aspiring college coach (mentored by Rick Pitino) trying to make a name for himself? “Andy keeps me laughing,” she told the Naples Daily News two years ago. “He’s a great person to depend on, and he’s a great friend and great father. Takes care of his family very well. He’s very entertaining and funny, but he’s also very responsible.”

So remember how smart and grounded she seems the next time the camera finds her. Or when you click on her Maxim cover.

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