Every year around this time, we begin speculating about Jim Boeheim. Will he retire, bound for golf courses and a cushy retirement lifestyle? Or will be stick around at Syracuse?

At least for one more year, it’s the latter.

Especially after Syracuse University’s official Twitter account posted a weird, cryptic tweet speculating his impending retirement (it was quickly deleted), the buzz never quite dissipated. His postgame comments after a loss to Georgetown only fueled the fire, when Boeheim said: “I’m pretty much ready to go play golf someplace. If I was 40 years old, I would be real upset. I’m not 40 years old. That should be obvious.”

If it’s all the same, Boeheim would like to quell that suspicion. Here’s what he had to say on Friday’s “Dan Patrick Show”:

Boeheim: I did say a couple times I’m close to retirement. Of course, I said that 10 years ago, too. So I’m still here. I’m not sure where they go, where they get started. people are always in a rush to get the story first. But I am looking forward to playing golf, but that’s this summer. I always play golf in the summertime. Lately, I haven’t been playing so good, so I’m not as excited about golf anymore.

Patrick: So this is not your last year?

Boeheim: No. I never thought that this was my last year. In coaching, when you have a couple bad games, you wish it was your last day sometimes, but it’s something I’ve been doing for a long time, and I have no plans. I’m not doing it next year. But, obviously, 30-something years is a long time to do anything. I don’t know.


Patrick: If I took a vote in your family, of if they wanted you to continue to coach or not, how would that go?

Boeheim: It would be unanimous. Every time I’m home for a week, they want me out of the house. It would be a 4-0 vote and the dog would go right with him. It’s time for you to get out of here. Go back to work.

Syracuse thumped Montana in the NCAA tournament on Thursday, recording the largest margin of victory ever by a No. 3 seed or lower in the first round. The Orange now face 12th-seeded California on Saturday.

(Video per CollegeBasketballTalk)


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