Andy Enfield's geographical knowledge exceeds Charles Barkley's. (Michael Perez / AP) Andy Enfield’s geographical awareness exceeds Charles Barkley’s. (Michael Perez / AP)

“Where the hell is Florida Gulf Coast at? What city y’all in?”

Thus did a hoarse Charles Barkley conduct his latest probing interview, this time of FGCU Coach Andy Enfield and Sherwood Brown.

There were some revealing tidbits from the coach and the baby-faced star of the tournament’s new darling thanks to its upset of Georgetown.

The Eagles’ dunk-city victory wasn’t even their best effort. “It was something special to see on TV, but we actually do this on a regular basis,” Brown said. “That wasn’t even the best dunks that I’ve ever seen from my teammates.”

Florida Gulf Coast, a 15 seed, plays No. 7 seed Florida State at 7:10 p.m. Sunday night and Enfield said the team won’t do anything differently in the next round. FGCU will try to stick to “up-tempo basketball” and “score in the 75-85 [point] range,” Enfield said.

“I love what he said,” Barkley said. “‘We’re gonna play our style. We’re a runnin,’ gunnin,’ fast-breakin’ team.’ Also, it’s not like they’re a bunch of old people down there. Greg [Gumbel], you should move down there.”

Someone get Barkley a lozenge.