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“Do you ever say to yourself, ‘There’s something wrong with that kid?’ ”

Leave it to Charles Barkley to ask the pointed question on everyone’s mind. Marshall Henderson, love him or hate him, has an undeniable talent for jacking up ridiculous shots that sometimes go in. He’s shooting 38.1 percent this season, tied for 1,495th nationally, and was a dreadful 6 for 21 against Wisconsin in Mississippi’s first-round upset on Friday.

Call it zeal, call it enthusiasm, call it poor sportsmanship, but Henderson probably has a career in show business waiting for him if this basketball thing doesn’t work out. If he could somehow monetize GIF appearances into royalty checks, he’d be all set.

That above celebration, Florida’s famed gator chomp that Henderson performed in the SEC championship game with a six-point lead with seven minutes left, apparently came to him in a dream.

Of course it did.

In the dream, Henderson said in an interview with the CBS broadcast team that aired during halftime of VCU-Michigan on Saturday, he was on the scorer’s table.

“Thank goodness that didn’t happen,” Ole Miss Coach Andy Kennedy chimed in.

The interview also touched on the hard-hitting subjects, like LeBron James’s Twitter shoutout — yes, Henderson was aware — and whether Kennedy ever wants to subdue Henderson’s antics.

“The only way I can turn his volume down is to hit the mute button,” Kennedy replied.

“I don’t ever want to turn myself down,” Henderson said. That’s not good.”

Back to that original question. The Rebels face No. 13 La Salle on Sunday afternoon, with a legitimate shot at the Sweet 16 on the line. Henderson will hoist somewhere between 10 and 20 shots, like he always does, and because of this Ole Miss will have a chance.

But seriously. This is a guard with no qualms about shaking his jersey to middle fingers or tweeting fake Ryan Harrow accounts or partying late into the night. So, Kennedy, do you ever say to yourself, “There’s something wrong with that kid?”

“I don’t say to myself,” Kennedy replied with a smile. “I know something’s wrong. But I love him. I’m glad he’s on our team. He’s obviously added a new dimension to Rebel basketball.”


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