It was only a matter of time. Florida Gulf Coast had basketball fans worldwide crumpling their brackets after upsetting No. 2 Georgetown on Friday. So naturally, the requisite rap video followed.

Here’s Black Magic, featuring Bambi, on “Dunk City.”

Regardless of your feelings about this, putting together any music video in 24 hours is admittedly impressive. By my count, he says “dunk” 35 times in 211 seconds, for a DPM (dunks per minute) of 9.95.

>> Dunking an eagle into a child’s hoop.

>> This line: “Coach Enfield’s a worldwide star. Look at the paint on his car. Married to a model, team’s playing really hard. You can’t beat the team on FGCU boulevard.”

>>Also, everything takes a turn right around the 2:12 mark.


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