Louisville and Duke were in the midst of a back-and-forth game in the Midwest Region final Sunday when everything came to a halt. Cardinals guard Kevin Ware then contested a Duke shot, landed awkwardly and suffered one of the worst-looking injuries you’ll ever see in a college basketball game with about six minutes remaining in the first half.

We’ve decided not to put up video of the injury (it’s out there, if you absolutely need to see it), but the reaction on Twitter gives you a sense of the severity of the situation. Ware was taken off the court on a stretcher after play was stopped for about 10 minutes. He scored 11 points in Louisville’s Sweet 16 win over Oregon on Friday.

Louisville officials told CBS that Ware has been diagnosed with a broken leg. He has been taken to a local hospital in Indianapolis.

Never seen a scene like this in a basketball game. Russ Smith was doubled over crying. Harrell was on his knees, shaking.

— Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) March 31, 2013





(Update 6:10) — Louisville has shown great poise since the injury and took a 35-32 lead into halftime. The Cardinals are 28-0 this year when they begin the second half with a lead.

(Update 6:14) — A GIF of Louisville leading scorer Russ Smith’s initial reaction to Ware’s injury, via SBNation. The Cardinals deserve a lot of credit for continuing to play on after such a devastating event.

(Update 6:32)