Kevin Ware’s broken right leg drew immediate attention from a national TV audience that included Joe Theismann. (Michael Conroy / AP)

If the fractured leg that Kevin Ware suffered in Louisville’s victory Sunday over Duke shocked teammates, fans and TV viewers, imagine how Joe Theismann must have felt.

“My world just came to a complete stop, it was just a horrible, horrible thing to see happen — I hate to see anybody have an injury that is anywhere near anything like I went through,” Theismann told USA Today’s Jim Corbett. “All of a sudden, it’s, ‘Oh my God!’

“It’s a terrible, terrible [thing] to see. My prayers go out to him, my heart goes out to him. I know what his family is going through. I have every belief that he’s going to be back and better than he was.”

The Washington Redskins’ former quarterback, of course, suffered one of the highest-profile, career-ending injuries ever when his leg was broken in a 1985 “Monday Night Football” game.

“This was just ugly — a little chill went through me when I see a young man go through an injury like Kevin’s,” Theismann said. “I had an open compound fracture of my lower right leg. Both bones.

“Listening to [CBS broadcaster] Jim Nantz talk, he said that was the worst injury he’s ever seen in basketball. I agree. You just don’t expect to see this kind of injury in basketball. Guys get twisted or get caught a little funny and fall. But not like this.”

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